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Paul Romhany

Vanish Magazine #82 - ebook

Vanish Magazine #82 - ebook

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Paul Romhany started VANISH in 2011 and is considered the most cutting-edge magazine for magicians in the world. Each issue contains magic tricks, reviews, essays, feature stories and more.


86 pages
  • Editorial
  • The Adventures of Pokkus
  • Feature artist - Ekaterina
  • T is for Transformation by Lance Rich
  • Product Highlight - PI Revelations
  • Wired to Create by Steve Spill
  • Magical Wisdom - focus on Scott Steelfyre
  • The Hyperdoor Theatry by Joe Ledoux
  • The Anatonhy of a Joke by Nick Lewin
  • Virtual Magic Infographic
  • Product Highlight - Saltman by Tim Wise
  • Let's Taco About it - Christopher T. Magician
  • Condiment-Alism - Trick - Christopher T Magician
  • Alexa's Aces - Trick - Louie Foxx
  • Three Cups One Card - Trick - Aaron Matthews
  • Ladanye Simplied by Dibya Guha
  • Product Reviews - OTW by Mark Elsdon, The Dolls by Shawn McMcaster, Stagecraft for Magicians: Producing your own show for the stage by Terry Mageissen, Transit by Ron Salamankgkero, Perfect Switch Wallet by Victor Voitko, Air Lock by Ryan Joynce, Flash Change by William Alexis Houcke, Buried Treasure by Allan Kronzek,
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