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Adam Lee Ryan

The Vault - Banksy by Casper - Video Download

The Vault - Banksy by Casper - Video Download

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Banksy is an effect that I have performed over the years.

It allows you to seemingly read their mind or predict a randomly thought of word. It seems totally fair... Or is it?

The routine is structured around influence.

This routine works because of the structured linguistics. It allows you to restrict the spectator into a limited amount of words to choose from, without seeming to be restrictive.

Have you ever been asked to perform, but you don't have anything on you? This effect can be performed anywhere at any time.

I have been performing this over Skype, Zoom, FaceTime, close up... even on stage. It really is versatile!

I feel that wherever you are in your journey with mentalism, you will be able to perform this effect!

"That's Sick! My magician brain is going back through the steps and is going 'Nope'"
- Beau Cremer

"Wow! I hate you so much. It's just annoying! It seems so fair!"
- Aidan O'Sullivan
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