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Marius Tarasevicius

Strange Cards by Mario Tarasini - Video Download

Strange Cards by Mario Tarasini - Video Download

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This is a series of tricks I have created in 2 years.

In the file you will find 4 tricks that are compatible with each other.



There has never been an easier or more deceptive card link.

It is the most practical linking card effect in existence.

For the effect you will only need two cards and nothing else!

Card Warp Change


Magician folds the card and it slowly changes to another. After the change you can give the card to a spectator as a souvenir.

You will make the gimmick in under a minute

Very easy to perform

Magician's fooler

Card Guillotine


Card guillotine is one of the most mysterious and interesting card tricks.

Mario Tarasini has brought it back to life.

This is a new method that, when applied, can make the trick even more interesting and can fool any magician.

The trick can also be performed with the spectators finger.

Thug Melt


Take two cards, and one of the cards will melt through another side by side...

No threads
No magnets
No glue

You will make the gimmick in a couple of seconds.

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