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SPOON MONSTER (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by Conan Liu & Royce Luo - Trick

SPOON MONSTER (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by Conan Liu & Royce Luo - Trick

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Deforming the shape of metal is a strong way to show a magician or a mentalist's Psychokinesis. However, in this day and age, bending the fork or spoon is clearly no longer enough for today's audiences. On the basis of this, how can the metal deformation effect be more eye-catching?

Magician Conan Liu performed this rare but magical effect in the story video of his appearance on Penn & Teller: Fool Us -- he turns a metal spoon into a fork in his hand in an unexpected way! He and his team, Royce Luo, decided to bring this incredible effect to you, and you will also be able to perform the same trick that has been seen on Fool Us!

The whole set of this prop includes several variations (as shown in the trailer video) that allow you to instantly turn a metal spoon into a fork in different situations. The fork can be handed over entirely to the spectator for inspection after the trick- and can even be signed or given to the audience as a souvenir. You can use it in a prediction effect as well - you draw some usual tableware on some blank cards and have the audience member randomly select one. You take out your prediction out of an envelope that has been sitting on the table all the way from the beginning, which turns out to be a spoon - as if you failed? Then you have the audience focus on the spoon in your hand, with some magic gesture or smoke element (when you have a smoke device), the spoon deformed to a fork (used with a smoke detector).

You can use it as a prelude to your "Fork Bending" routine: take a spoon out of a cutlery and swing it - then it instantly turns into a fork! It can be used together with gimmicked salt shaker, "magma hand" or other props to create a deep impression of your "supernatural power" on your audience.

The set includes:
  • Fork x 1 (non-expendable, unless given to the audience as a souvenir)
  • Gimmicked units x 2
  • Conan Liu's video tutorial (including multiple routines and handling methods) x 1
  • Packing box x 1
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