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Mark Shortland

SKETCHING SVENGALI 2.0 by Mark Shortland - Trick

SKETCHING SVENGALI 2.0 by Mark Shortland - Trick

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Sketching Svengali is a wonderful piece of magic for the whole family.

It is easy to do with very little practice.

Three audience members each choose different parts of a body creating a unique mini figure.

The performer presents an envelope, that has been in view the entire time. Inside is a picture of a mini figure which matches the choices of the audience.

"My Pal Mark Shortland's new Sketching Svengali trick adds to his legacy of developing seemingly innocent ways of forcing unsuspecting people to pick stuff against their will."
- Mac King

"This is a really clever idea built into an entertaining and fun routine with loads of audience involvement. What more do you want?"
- Marc Paul

"Mark continues to annoy me; I mean surprise me with yet another twist on a classic."
- John Archer

"So if I give you a quote, you'll send me one for free?"
- Justin Willman

"I'm sure it's fine"
- Piff the Magic Dragon

"A super fun trick, who doesn't love a bit of Lego?"
- Rhys Morgan (Morgan and West)

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