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Oliver Vinacour

Position Predicted by Oliver Vinacour - Video Download

Position Predicted by Oliver Vinacour - Video Download

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Produce any small object that you like from the center of the deck!

''This was the one trick I saw at the London Magic Convention that I immediately started practicing when I got home. A creative, playful and off the wall idea.''
- Lloyd Barns

''I have no idea how Oliver is doing it but man I wanna know!!!''
- Chris James

''Woah, I was not expecting that!''
- Luke Oseland

''Love it. A surprisingly refined sleight! This brings back some good old memories where my mentor produced an eight ball from a deck of cards.''
- Henry Harrius

"Its so visual and an incredibly fun moment that caught me off guard" 
- Beau Cremer 

"Position Predicted is an unexpected pop out killer ending to a card routine. Good one Oliver!" 
- Darryl Rose MIMC 

"This is a visual and interesting effect with a deck of cards and kicker ending!"
- Jeki Yoo 

"Very cool visual and a really magical surprisingly moment.  Plus it's very commercial" 
- Craig Petty

They say stop anywhere and you cut the deck. When you remove the top block of the cut the spectators are left staring at a small ball, mini rubiks cube or any other small object of your choice. 

Easy to learn. 

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