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Ferran Rizo

Magic Makes the World go Around by Ferran Rizo - Video Download

Magic Makes the World go Around by Ferran Rizo - Video Download

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The silent vaudeville magician Ferran Rizo with his unique magic style has caused a stir on social networks with his original coin magic. Now it is time to learn his secrets clearly explained by himself

This a novel effect created by Ferran Rizo where three coins appear one-by-one into the folds of cloth. Then, three more coins appear under it in an impossible way. The miracle is repeated one more time and three more coins appear at once. After appearing the nice coins, just to finish a shower of golden coins appear from the cloth. A novel a refreshing effect to your repertoire. Making appear coins is the kind of magic spectators love most, with this effect you will be able to amaze your audience

Frequently Questions:

What is the level required to perform the effect? Medium, not hard and ninja techniques needed

Requirements: It can be performed sited or standing but you will need a table in front of you

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