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Double Lift System: ONE HANDED by SaysevenT - Video Download

Double Lift System: ONE HANDED by SaysevenT - Video Download

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Hello everyone, my name is SaysevenT.
br>Today, let me introduce you to another series from DOUBLE LIFT SYSTEM: ONE HANDED.

This is the 3rd series from DLS (Double Lift System). This time, I present to you a method for executing a double lift using only one hand.

Take it easy and, for NOW, rest your right hand for a moment and do a miracle with one hand.


1. There are 4 moves to learn:
  • Memoria DL
  • Radja DL
  • Sanjaka DL
  • Nusantara DL
2. And there 2 ways to start the DL:
  • From the BOTTOM
  • From the TOP
3. Then Learn the best COMBO ROUTINE:
  • The Nusantara DL + PUTAR DL
4. Bonus :
5. This totals 11 different moves for you to learn.

Watch the demo, download the video, and learn it now!
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