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Massimiliano Teso

Dictionary Test by Max Vellucci - Video Download

Dictionary Test by Max Vellucci - Video Download

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The mentalist proposes an experiment that has to do with all the possible words of the Italian language (or any other language) and takes a dictionary of the language in question.

He scrolls through the pages and asks the viewer to tell him stop when he wants, to read a word and memorize it.

He does the same thing with a second viewer who explicitly asks to look at all the possible words contained in the two pages he stopped at and to freely choose one.

At this point the mentalist is able to identify the two words.

- A direct and easy to perform book test
- Full performance and detailed explanation
- Two words, two spectators
- A single dictionary for an entire act of almost 10 minutes
- No list of words to write or remember
- No fishing
- Instantly replicable with different words
- Any dictionary in any language
- Everything can be given to check
- Suitable for both classical and scientific mentalism

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